April 2019


 It’s time to say YES to more of life’s magical moments!

Will you Dare to Dream? 

What if immersing yourself in nature and vast landscapes brought your soul back to life?

What if experiencing different activities brought back the spark you’ve craved for so long?

What if you had the opportunity to create meaningful connections and cherished memories?

What if a few days away really could change your life?

If you’re longing to breathe in fresh air and step away from the overwhelm and monotony of everyday life, then the Dare to Dream Iceland Yoga Retreat might be the answer to your prayers.


1. Ready to take time out to reconnect to your soul and relax into nature?

2. Open to adventure, light-hearted fun and don’t take life too seriously?

3. Excited to meet new people to create cherished moments together?

4. Enthusiastic to bring the sparkle and joy back into your life?

5. Ready to allow yourself to be supported, nourished and nurtured?



boarding a flight to Iceland with no expectations, no fear and no self-limiting beliefs…

As you arrive at the retreat location you’re greeted with a warm hug and a friendly smile. You feel instantly at ease as the worries you’ve carried around for months slowly melt off your shoulders. You take a deep breath of clean mountain air and begin to chat to your fellow guests. Before long you’re all laughing, eating, sharing stories and living those real-life magical moments.

Moments that you’ll treasure forever


Dare to Dream - Iceland Yoga Retreat - April 2019

A yoga retreat for people ready to breathe new air into their life.

Escape from the monotony and overwhelm of everyday life to enjoy six days of pure body, mind and soul nourishment nestled in the heart of Iceland’s stunning landscape.

This is a moment to step out of your comfort zone and into nature. Leave your technology behind and embrace adventure, live life to the full and return home feeling energised and inspired.


From the moment you step off the plane you’ll be taken care of…

Every detail of the retreat has been thoughtfully and lovingly planned.

This is the opportunity you’ve secretly been longing for. You’ll feel safe, secure and supported by your hosts in a way that creates a warm, loving vibe and enables you to feel confident in challenging yourself to try new things and make interesting new connections. 

The Dare to Dream - Iceland Yoga Retreat is the place where you can finally say, ‘Yes! I can!’

This heightened sense of confidence, resilience and pride will inspire you to push forward in other areas of your life to achieve the dreams you never thought possible. 

A typical day on retreat

8.00am Rise & Shine with tea/coffee/water and fruit

9.00am Energising Yoga Flow

10.30am Breakfast

11.30am FREE TIME

1.30pm Activity

5.00pm Restorative Yin Yoga (Chill out)

6.30pm Dinner

9.00pm Time to read, reflect on the day, chat to new friends or get an early night.


Iceland has been described as ‘looking at the world with the lid off.

It’s raw and intense with vast landscapes, huge forests and incredible waterfalls.  

Being in such extreme scenery helps us to see just how small and insignificant our fears and worries are and how courageous and resilient we can actually be. 

Travelling to new places around the world enables us to see life from a new perspective. We meet new people, hear new languages, taste new foods and walk on different terrain. We see tall, snow-capped mountains and deep lagoons, we touch different leaves and smell new flowers. 

Travelling heightens our senses and brings us back to who we were born to be. 

All it takes is that first step out of your comfort zone…


What’s Included?

Transfers to and from Keflavik International Airport.

6 nights’ accommodation in a beautiful townhouse in Reykjavik.

Daily yoga sessions. Each morning we’ll begin with an energising flow yoga practice and end our day with a relaxing, restorative yin yoga session. 

2 meditation sessions.

5 breakfasts and 5 evening meals lovingly prepared by our Canadian culinary goddess, Sam Le Blanq.

An intimate retreat with a maximum of 8 guests, so you’ll feel supported and safe.

Unlimited tea, coffee, water and juices.

Free time to relax and indulge in ‘me time’ or to explore Reykjavik town centre. You’re free to do as much or as little as you like.

A trip to the famous Blue Lagoon with face mask and drink of your choice.

Whale, dolphin and puffin watching from a rib with our own personal guide.

Stargazing and Northern lights tour (weather permitting).

A trip to Gullfos, one of Iceland’s most spectacular waterfalls.

Visit to Thingvellir National Park. This area is steeped in history, has amazing geology and is where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

Observe the rare natural phenomenon of the Geysers as their bubbling waters erupt.

The opportunity to immerse yourself in Iceland’s abundance of scenery, landscapes and nature.

Transport for all group activities.


What’s not included?

Flights from your home country to Iceland + Lunch each day + 1 dinner. We will head into Reykjavik one evening to sample some local cuisine.


Arrival: Sunday 7th April 2019

Departure: Saturday 13th April 2019

Dare to Dream - Iceland Yoga Retreat cost: £1500

Early bird price: £1400 - Pay in full by 7 December 2018

*A deposit of £500 is required to reserve your place. You can choose to pay in full or pay the deposit plus two extra monthly instalments of £500 each. All travel costs must be paid in full by 7 January 2019.


About Vanessa

Hi, I’m Vanessa.

A few years ago I made a resolution to shift away from a life that was led by fear.

I began to think about the things that made me feel alive and soon realised that they weren’t things at all. I noticed how easy it had become to feel disconnected from myself and how I would always forget to take time for self-care and relaxation or experience wild, new adventures. 

The demands of a busy modern lifestyle were taking over my life and I knew something had to change…

I figured out that my beliefs about my limitations were entirely in my head. I could achieve anything I dreamed of once I let them go….

I slowly taught myself how to live a life of depth and soul; a life centred on experiences, fun, adventure and a connection to nature and like-minded people. 

Since then, I have held a desire to share a more connected life with others; to instil a belief in them that anything is possible, that hopes and dreams really are attainable. 

The Dare to Dream - Iceland Yoga Retreat concept was born from my passion to live a meaningful life and to illuminate the possibilities for others. 

I want my guests to come away feeling grounded, re-energised and inspired, with a deep knowing they already have all they need within themselves to live a life of depth and soul. 


About Sam

Sam Le Blanq is not just my foodie hero and personal cheerleader, but an all round amazing human being who finds joy in every moment.

I’m so excited that Sam agreed to join me on this retreat as I know her presence, energy and vibrancy will benefit each and every one of you. Sam is the kind of girl that lifts other women up. She’ll be the first to give you genuine and authentic motivation and consistently inspires people to be the best version of themselves. Sam lives a life of abundance and gratitude and notices all the small things that others might miss. 

I first met Sam in Central America when, through tears of joy, she recounted her experience of watching baby turtles hatch on the beach the previous night. I was so blown away by her willingness to be so open and vulnerable with a group of strangers and as our friendship grew, she’s played an enormous part in my ability to feel into situations and know in my heart that it’s ok to not have all the answers. 

Sam’s interest in nutrition stems from the power of food to heal the body and in addition to sharing her culinary expertise, she’s also a yoga teacher in Kelowna, West Canada.

 This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and leave your daily commitments behind to focus entirely on you.

  • You’re ready to take control of your limiting beliefs and move forward to achieve your goals.

  • You’re open to trying new things, meeting new people and exploring new locations.

  • You want to take some time out to nourish your body, mind and soul. 

  • You’re ready to invest in your personal, physical and spiritual growth and development.

This is not for you if:

  • You’d rather hold on to your fears and keep your life moving at the same pace.

  • You’re not ready to explore new places, meet new people or try new things.

  • You dislike exercise, the outdoors, conversation and healthy food. 

  • You’re not ready to invest time and money in your personal growth.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 09.30.56.png

Giving Back

Because I’m so passionate about building connections and increasing our sense of community, I will be giving back 10% of profits to charity. Each retreat I run will share these profits between a charity based in our retreat country and a charity based on my home island of Jersey, Channel Islands. By acting in a meaningful way, together we create ripples of change. Our love will reach out from our hearts to others, to make a difference to real human and animal lives.

For this retreat to Iceland, I will be splitting the donation equally between The Jersey Shelter Trust and ………… in Iceland.

If you’re ready to enrich your life with special moments, inspired to try new experiences and longing to reconnect to nature and your inner passion, then now is the time to join this intimate yoga retreat to Iceland.

  • Retreat dates are Sunday 7th April to Saturday 13th April 2019. Arrival at the accommodation is from 3 pm. We must vacate the property by 11 am. 

  • There are a maximum of 8 places available. Book early to avoid missing out!

  • Bedrooms are all TWIN rooms. No single occupancy available due to the small number of guests.

  • There are two house bathrooms to share between a maximum of 10 people. 

  • The accommodation is a beautifully decorated town house situated in a quiet neighbourhood within walking distance of the beautiful city of Reykjavik. It is close to a bakery, coffee shops and the old harbour.

  • Twin rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis. If you’re travelling alone I will allocate you a room to share with someone. 

  • Breakfast and Dinner is included. (Please let us know in advance of any dietary requirements or allergies. See FAQs for more details.)

  • Lunch is NOT included. Everyone is responsible for their own lunch during excursions. The town is close by and has a range of cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes. 

  • All activity costs are included in the retreat price. 

  • Airport transfers to and from the retreat accommodation are included.

  • Flights from your home airport to Iceland are NOT included.

  • Please ensure you have valid travel & health insurance.


If you’re ready to Dare to Dream and find out how a few days away 

really CAN change your life, then join me on this magical yoga retreat. 



Do I have to take part in all the activities?

No. All activities are optional. You’re welcome to do as much or as little as you wish.

I’m travelling alone, will I have the chance to virtually meet my room mate before arrival?

Yes. The accommodation is set up with twin rooms so there will be a Facebook group set up at least a month before so that all guests have the chance to make contact with their room mate. Plus, the Facebook group will also give everyone the chance to introduce themselves and organise any travel arrangements or pre-retreat meet-ups.

Can you cater for special dietary needs?

There will be a nutritional chef staying with us who can prepare food to suit vegetarian and vegan diets. However, specific catering for allergies or conditions such as coeliac disease cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the accommodation. We cannot guarantee no cross-contamination of gluten, dairy, nuts etc. If you’d like to chat to us in advance, please email Vanessa:

Are flights to Iceland included in the price?

No. Your flight(s) from your home location to Iceland (Keflavik International) airport are not included. However, transfer to and from the airport to the retreat is included. (Check out the What’s Included section above.)

I’m a non-swimmer, does this affect any of the activities?

Apart from the lagoon and hot springs, no other activities take place in water. You do not need to be a swimmer to take advantage of the hot-springs as plenty of relaxed seating is available. The rib trip will include all usual safety precautions including life-vests.

Do I need to be physically fit to join the retreat?

This retreat is not ‘bootcamp’ style and there is plenty of time each day to rest, chat, reflect, journal or do whatever you feel your mind, body and soul need at that moment. We will, however, be taking a hike through hilly terrain and be walking around the town and countryside on sightseeing trips. If you have severely limited walking ability then this might not be the retreat for you.

Do I need any previous yoga experience?

No. The retreat is suitable for all levels of yoga practice, and no prior ability is necessary. We’ll be practicing yoga every morning and evening to refresh the body and mind and relax after our daily adventures. This is not a hardcore yoga retreat! I do not believe that yoga should be intimidating or confusing, nor about reaching a certain level of perfection. Instead, I want you to feel confident, relaxed and fully able to enjoy every moment.

Where should I fly from?

There are lots of flight options to Reykjavik from most large airports in the UK.

Extra info

The local currency is the Icelandic kroná (ISK). Many places (tourist attractions, restaurants and bars) will take US dollars and Euros. Most people pay with debit and credit cards so minimum cash currency is required. Tipping isn’t common in Iceland as gratuities are already built into the cost of the meal. However, should you wish to reward exceptional service, your tip will be greatly appreciated by the staff.


If you have any further questions please contact Vanessa via email: