yang yin YogA & MINDFULLness

A perfect combination of a fun flowing vinyasa practice to energise, followed by Yin to stretch tired muscles and mindfulness to soothe our soul. The class is open to all levels, including complete beginners.  

So what is Yin // Yang yoga ?

Yang (Vinyasa) relates to movement, often repetitive, which creates heat in the body; working with fire, masculine dynamic energy. By contrast Yin is about finding stillness and cooling the body; working with the feminine, receptive energy. This Yin and Yang energy is opposing but complementary, and so for optimum health, needs to be balanced.

In Yin yoga, seated or reclined poses are held for a longer period with active muscle engagement; to increase range of motion in that part of the body. The poses work along meridian lines, used in Chinese Medicine, which act as “energy highways,” for the body.  

Class Details...

When: Check back soon for 2019 dates

Time: 18.30-19.30

Cost: £45

Cancellation Policy: Your booking is really important to us, it's reserved especially for you.  We respectfully ask for 5 days notice for cancellations; cancellations without 5 days notice are non-refundabl